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Imagine being in your office, middle of the day, loaded with work and a constantly buzzing mobile. After a while, you annoyingly check your phone, only to find yourself tons of email notifications from brands you don’t even recognize. Your obvious action would be either marking them as read of deleting them without checking. This is the kind of bad email marketing that has taken a toll on possibly the best marketing tool. Email Marketing is probably the most underrated but most rewarding form of marketing in terms of ROI. According to Hubspot, if you invest 1Rs into Email Marketing, the return in

Ever since the concept of “Relationship Management” became widely popular not just in the service industry, but also all other businesses, big or small, it has been the centre of every marketing strategy. Additionally, with the massive load of information available online about every single thing in the world, it has become even more crucial to maintain a brand’s or a person’s online reputation more promptly than offline. With the advent of the need, came the supply of various ORM tools and strategies, which are widely being used by companies and influential people all over the world. To talk in a nutshell, ORM

One thing you can do when starting out with blogs is that you can find other bloggers in your space and ask them to promote your blogs. Contrary to common belief, there are some bloggers willing to promote the content of other bloggers of the same niche. You can even pay them for promoting your content and being a traffic facilitator to your landing page. You should also make sure that you have a giveaway, on your landing page, like a free e-book, which will help you in creating your own list of email ids which you can retarget later. Moreover, by adding

As far as blogs going on the website is considered, there are two distinct belief systems among marketers. Some believe in Quality, while some believe in Quantity. Whilst quality is always the foundation for effective content strategy, quantity too has a major impact on practical grounds. Take for ex., Hubspot, which garners nearly 6 million visitors per month based on the sheer number of blogs they roll out each day. You can look at Business Insider, Huffpo, Mashable and Buzzfeed for their presence across social platforms based on the number of posts they generate each day. Ideally, you should blog couple of times a

1) Using sitelinks in your ads, opens up the opportunity to add more sections of your sites in your ads, for example, you can add links for some case study or product category page to your ads to make it more efficient. 2) Leveraging Dayparting (especially in a B2B business) will help you get better results. Dayparting is a technique that allows you to specify a percentage of your standard pay-per-click (PPC) bids for every 30-minute interval of the week, and to base your adjustments on precise historical data. 3) You can also try having a single keyword ad groups i.e. your ad group will

Earlier, when times were simpler, we used to sign up on various social media platforms to connect with friends. Little did we know, this would drastically affect not just our but also our friend’s privacy. Now, our personal data is collected and leveraged by bad players in an attempt to manipulate us.The ignorance must end now; we need some social responsibilities to counterbalance a bad product. In an alarming news, a few days back it was disclosed that a Trump aligned firm named ‘Cambridge Analytica’ collected data of around 50 million users from Facebook, and may have also predicted and influenced choices of the ballot

Are you a reality show fan? Do you follow someone influential? You might not be an avid commentator on social media, but how many times have you felt compelled to voice your opinion about the show or person you follow? Many times. The reason for it is not the popularity of the show or the status of the individual, but the emotional connect they establish with people. Whenever these influential celebrities or shows post an emotional message, it resonates with thousands of people, either in a positive or a negative way, which compels them to be vocal on social media.That is the power

The first thing you should be doing inorder to build a retargeting list is knowing your ideal customer so that you can directly reach out to them and introduce them to your company. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re following the terms and conditions of Google, Facebook or any other retargeting service that you are using. Outbound prospecting is more beneficial for B2B companies, you can directly reach out to the head of the businesses such as the CEOs or the marketing heads through ‘Outreach’ and ‘Zen prospect’; these tools will help you in gathering emails and contacts so

It’s almost assured that your conversion rates are going to go through the roof if you manage to have a celebrity on your landing page. It’s a given that celebrity endorsements skyrocket your conversion rates. Take ‘Beats’ by Dr. Dre for example, they always have top players, athletes and musicians endorse their headphones, this positions their product as a cool headphone that is used by great achievers.By leveraging the existing fanbase of the popular celebs, athletes they have increased their target market size. Many of us are already paying a lot on paid ads, so, getting a celebrity endorsements by spending some more for higher conversion

Quora is basically a question and answer website, where you can ask any question related to any topic and people, an expert in that particular field, answers your question. Because of this, Quora generates tons of traffic every day and so its valuation is currently over one billion dollars. The best thing about Quora is you get to show your ads to your target audience i.e. you can have your ad shown to peoples searching for a solution to the queries related to your niche. Also, it's currently very cheap to advertise on Quora. So, if you have a product that is used for hiring