Can Facebook show ads related to my recent Google Search? Read below details.

Facebook won’t show you ads just because you have searched something on google, it will start showing you ads once you have searched on google and then have been to a website.

This process is called re marketing, once you land up on a website you leave cookies there and then Facebook can identify a user and track him/her using this cookie and shows you this ad.

Is OOH (Out of Home) advertisement worth the money?

As a marketer I will ask what is your objective for doing an OOH?
If you are looking for brand building and awareness yes ooh is the right solution
If you are looking for immediate leads and traction then it’s a big no-no.
Other factors which will help you in choosing are:
Cost of the product or location?


How I can ask Alia Bhatt to advertise my start-up?

Well think From her perspective why would you advertise a start-up for free and then decide.

If she is active on any of the social channels try contacting her or befriend Siddharth Malhotra ☺

Is programmable advertising the next trend in online advertising?

Yeah, it is already the next big thing in online marketing by understanding users’  behaviour pattern of a consumer marketers can target specific topics to interest a user and create content for them.

Would I breach copyright laws if I created a clip similar to a TV advert that I saw?

No that’s called creative inspiration however can’t say about how people will perceive you (think about Pritam and Anu Malik) 🙂 happy copying.

How can I get money from different companies for their advertisement?

There are multiple ways to so that depending on your skills

If you can write start a blog

If u can act and create videos start a you tube channel

If you can do stand-up comedy start that

Approach brands and they will start paying you when you create content for them

In short add value in brand life and they will add cash in your life 🙂

What is the future in digital marketing and the ways by which I can sustain in this field?

The rate at which Digital Marketing is growing and other advertising is dying, its definitely a great field to be in. you can choose multiple career options in digital marketing like SEO, social media, content, blogger, media planner and buyer etc.

How good of a scope does digital marketing have in Pune? Is it a good idea to switch over after 10+ yrs. of experience in the IT industry?

Digital marketing has a great scope not just in Pune, but across borders, if you already have an experience in IT with 10+ years I would suggest you move to the technical side of digital marketing rather than hard-core marketing. this will help you leverage your 10 + years’ experience as well.

How will consumer behaviour shape the digital advertising industry?

Well, consumer behaviour has been changing every decade and it keeps on changing every single minute. You don’t know what or how your consumer is going to behave at one point of time. There is no sign which can tell you exactly how your consumer is going to act e there might be multiple Trigger points, situations in which consumer will behave differently so don’t call it a consumer Behaviour I call it as a human behaviour.

I don’t even call it B2B or b2c marketing I call it H2H marketing which is human to human marketing. Think about how a human will he behave the same every time he falls into situation??

Having said that digital marketing can still predict some of the consumer behaviour but exactly not always.

In digital how we work for any kind of consumer is we create multiple personas. For all my target audiences for all my consumers. Say for example, if I am talking about an 18-year-old girl who is online to buy a t-shirt how will she buy her behaviour also depend on:

1. Time of the day

2. The device which she is using

3. Location

If she is in her college, she’ll be using a mobile phone what were the time of the day so she will be using a mobile phone in her college between let’s say 9 to 5 these trigger points can change her behaviour of purchase.

when she is in her college she will not have much time to choose, so the search button should work perfectly fine. she should not land on a black coloured top when she is searching for a red coloured that will lead to a drop out.

with increasing digital technology, consumers are becoming more restless, choosy and demanding when they make a purchase.

How do I submit my advertisement idea to a company?

Idea + Execution + Great Advertisement and sales

I would not suggest you to go to a company and sell your idea there, because even if your idea is great they might just take that idea and give it to their agency to execute it.

Assuming you have a page somewhere like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, how do you pay for its ads?

Thanks for A2A

if you have a page on Insta or Facebook or any other social media channel you pay through a credit card for the ads which you run to create awareness or leads for your page/website.

Is print media costlier or is SEO and social media marketing costlier?

Print media unless you are publishing it in a newspaper of magazine which hardly anyone reads.

Which website is better for advertisement, IndiaMART or trade India for both domestic and international sale?

Thank you for your a2a

Although I’ve never use the trade India but I think IndiaMART is a better website in terms of promotion in terms of branding and also in terms of website traffic which comes on the website I have used IndiaMART twice or thrice for some research so I think IndiaMART should definitely be preferred as compared to trade in India.

Which kind of marketing is the most useful and demanded nowadays?

Marketing always works on the trend of the culture.

There was a time when people used to travel and be outdoor, at that point of time OOH was the biggest marketing channel. Newspaper readership skyrocketed then with the advent of radio, it became the biggest advertising puller, and next came T.V, and the advertisers moved to television.

Which is the Platform where you spend maximum of your time today, think and you will know the answer.

What is digital marketing, and what are its benefits?

Digital Marketing your product or services online and then reaping benefits of it.

Some of the benefits include

  1. low cost.
  2. faster results.
  3. wider reach.
  4. Analysis based on data and not gut instincts.

What are the top Digital marketing Services?

It depends on what is the objective of your business, however some of the most commonly used services are

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Paid Media
  4. Influencer Marketing.
  5. e-Mails
  6. Analytics