Google Analytics

Google Analytics – URL- Google analytics certification (IN Mumbai)

More than 25 million websites now use Google Analytics,1 including at least 63% of Fortune 500 companies.2 Given these figures, a lot of businesses will need web analysts and data-crunching professionals to help manage their websites. In fact, research suggests that analytics is currently the most sought-after digital marketing skill,3 and also the most sorely lacking proficiency among job candidates. The sweet and simple bottomline: time for you to shine in the workplace by learning Google Analytics and making yourself irresistible to employers by acquiring a Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Web administrators, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs can all benefit from learning Google Analytics and acquiring certification.

Whether you’re taking your first stab at the Google Analytics certification exam, retaking it after a challenging first try, or returning to simply update your records, CDMC will help you in achieving your goals