Hub Spot Certification

Hub Spot Certification – URL- Hub spot certification (In Mumbai)

After you are Inbound Certified and you start implementing what you learned, you will want to take the next logical step, which is to sign up for HubSpot’s Marketing software.

As a customer, you are eligible to become HubSpot certified.

The HubSpot Certification is comprised of 17 introductory training classes, each of which is comprised of 2-3 videos, ranging from a few minutes to a half hour. There are also live labs to go with each class, they are optional but beneficial to go to.

The certification is broken into 2 parts, first a multiple choice timed test similar to the Inbound Certification, except harder. Then there is a practicum where you have to complete 11 out of 17 tasks in your portal, like “add keywords” or “add competitors”.

The one caveat to the practicum requirements is you have to complete 1 of 2 particular tasks: write 10 blog posts in 45 days or create a super successful landing page with a 100 views and a 20% submission rate.

After you pass you also get a badge and certificate, this certificate you can frame and hang in your office. This certification shows you are more serious about Inbound Marketing