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What you should know about Amazon advertising before everyone else.


Amazon is already huge, and they are only going to get bigger with time. Some reports state that Amazon’s ad revenue can reach up to $4.5 billion in 2018.

So, starting your Amazon advertising game right away will be a smart decision, especially when you are into American-based advertising.

Amazon’s Echo & Alexa devices are present everywhere and possess great advertising opportunity. Since the profit margin on advertising is huge, they are making more space available for advertisement. It is also estimated that within the next 5-10 years Amazon will wipe out most brick-and-mortar retailers.Therefore, make sure you take advantage of it, jump on-board and start playing with advertising. Especially, if you are into e-commerce, you have no choice but to spend your money there, just like you spend on Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. With new ‘Amazon Go’ stores opening at more places, they are taking over retail. They are integrating with everything and this opens the doors for more complex forms of advertising, such as voice advertising, and more.
To close, it’s a new channel which is growing rapidly and the advertising costs will skyrocket in no time, so, whoever leverages it first will benefit the most.


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