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YouTube is by far the most popular video watching website that exists today. And we are not exaggerating. To be able to put your video advertisement here means you are targeting almost every YouTube user. The best thing about advertising on YouTube is that you only pay for the times when your ad is watched till the end by someone, or when someone clicks on your advertisement. This is a way for you to know that the public for whom you are paying is actually interested in your product or ad. YouTube has a lot of options when it comes to advertising formats. Whether it

There are various possible ways to know if your SEO efforts are paying off or not. One tool is "Authority labs". It is a platform to get search engine ranking data and keywords insights. It has an automatic SEO monitoring system and helps to track local rankings. If you are targeting a given country, you can track your domain in every country and language offered by Google,Bing, etc. It also has a separate section for organic traffic called "Now provided".  With the help of these Now provided reports, one can find out new keyword targeting possibilities which earlier went missing. Data is compiled from

If you don't already know about Quora, then read on to find out. Quora is the largest Q&A platform, that is Question and Answer platform where people from around the globe ask interesting questions to which people respond with even more interesting answers! On Quora exist everyone from everywhere- you can get answers from living legends, researchers, doctors, scientists, war veterans, singers, businessmen and women and even regular people who have some extraordinary stories to share.   The best part is yet to come. As a service provider, a marketer, or a business, you can create your very own page and answer relevant questions on the

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great social media platforms to target audiences and increase the reach and awareness of your company. If you have the right kind of online followers, you will be able to leverage these outlets and make huge profits on these platforms. Here are 5 simple, but effective ways to get your first burst of new followers:   When you send out emails to your clients, make a mention of your social media presence, with links to your pages on all the platforms. You can also give away discounts or other offers for following your pages! One of the other very effective

The searching techniques are changing gradually. Due to this, SEOs have to be adjusted for getting better results for voice commands. Also, it can have a negative effect on your website since nobody is going to feel the necessity of visiting a website to search for something they want to learn about. Another thing which is trending is the Semantic Search. What is meant by this is that rather than searching for the keywords for getting results, we use the meaning of the search topic for better and more appropriate answers. For Example, the search results to the question, "What are Emotions" is going

First of all, content marketing takes time to bear its fruits. It is a long game. It can take from 12 – 18 months for your content to establish a satisfying platform and receive a good viewership that can convert. But once you have gone through it and generated sufficient traffic, you can enjoy your returns in multiple ways.   The main return you will observe is the speaking opportunity. With a strong viewer base, you get higher credibility and value for your statements. Also, there will be more people you can reach out to. It will help you to expand the reach of your

Below are some useful online tools to help you optimize your content and make it relevant for your target market: 1.Facebook ads Facebook is a really good platform for you to promote your content. Having a vast reach covering versatile groups of people, Facebook helps you to select your desired target market. They have recently come up with a ‘boost post’ button which can make your task easier. Facebook also helps you to analyze which posts are getting higher views. 2.BuzzSumo BuzzSumo is a tool which will help you find similar articles or blogs that are popular or trending. It can also help you in finding potential

Having a clear marketing strategy set in place will give you a clear vision of your goal and will help you stick to your campaign plan and be successful. Here are three strategies to help you along the way. 1. Posting less content on Facebook will get you more viewership Having fewer and good quality articles will help you get more traffic. Posting a lot of content will exhaust your viewers and eventually decrease your desirability. People often calculate the credibility of a site on the ratio of good content to bad ones. Hence, having less yet good quality content will increase your site’s credibility

Google Trends filters out the hot and  the top ranking news on the web. One might just look up a bunch of words in Google Trends and it returns the  most searched for similar keywords at the moment. If you integrate the buzz on the web with your content, it is going to push a lot of traffic onto your website from Google. So once you have Google news, you can type in the hot "buzzwords" related to your website in order to get ideas and topics for improving your content. Once you get the trending words, you can choose the keywords in your

Imagine being in your office, middle of the day, loaded with work and a constantly buzzing mobile. After a while, you annoyingly check your phone, only to find yourself tons of email notifications from brands you don’t even recognize. Your obvious action would be either marking them as read of deleting them without checking. This is the kind of bad email marketing that has taken a toll on possibly the best marketing tool. Email Marketing is probably the most underrated but most rewarding form of marketing in terms of ROI. According to Hubspot, if you invest 1Rs into Email Marketing, the return in